When does Stonewall Darts play?

We have two main seasons: Winter and Summer. Games are held on Thursday nights starting at 6:45, at Cobalt. In addition, in Fall 2015 we introduced Tuesday Night Flights, our first "off-season" league on Tuesdays, to avoid conflict with other Stonewall Sports playing on Thursday nights. This league occurs in the Fall and Spring at Nellie's Sports Bar.  

  • Winter registration is typically the first week in December, with play beginning early January.
  • Spring registration is typically early to mid-March, with play beginning early April.
  • Summer registration is typically late May, with play beginning in mid-June.
  • Fall registration is typically late August, with play beginning in mid-September.

How long is a season of Stonewall Darts?

Generally, 10-12 weeks, depending on the season and any holidays that might interfere. We have 7 games during the regular season, with each game being held weekly. Two additional nights of playoffs follow the regular season. We also hold two social evenings where no games are held - a pre-season captains meeting/t-shirt pickup party, and a seasonal fundraising event.  

Can anyone play?

Absolutely. We have a nice mix of both new and veteran players of various skill levels.

What type of Darts game do you play?

Stonewall Darts plays the game of Cricket, with steel-tip darts. You can learn more about this particular game on our Rules page.


When is registration?

Registration for the Season 9 - Winter 2017 league began on Monday, January 5th, 2017, with registration for returning Season 8 players only. On January 6th, registration opens to all; returning, new players, and free agents.  

How do I register?

Log in to LeagueApps using the Registration link above and sign in at the top right. If you do not have an account with LeagueApps, you must create one to register. 

How long is registration?

Registration stays open until we reach our capacity for a particular season. For Season 9, that capacity is 240 players, with 5 divisions of 8 teams. If demand is high, we may increase capacity to 288 players.  

How do I join a team?

During registration, you have the opportunity to select a pending team. However, you must have approval from that team captain to join.  

Can I form my own team?

Yes. During registration, simply select the option to register as a team captain. You can then name your team and invite others to register for your team.  

 How many can join my team?

We have a total of 6 people per team. During registration, you must have at least 4 people registered and paid in order to reach full Team status. Any pending teams that have less than 4 players at the end of registration will be dispersed into the free agent pool. Teams with at least 4 players at the end of registration, but less than 6, will be assigned free agents to round out the team.  

Can I select free agents for my own team?

Yes. Captains should reach out to any free agents during the registration process, and can add them to their team.

What if I don't have a team to join?

Players can register as free agents, and team captains with incomplete teams can add additional players from the free agent list. At the end of registration, admins will assign any remaining free agents to the teams that have room.  

My friend and I want to join as free agents. Are we able to get placed on the same team?

Please reach out to the Board during registration, and we will do our best to put you both on a team together. This is, of course, dependent on teams having the available space.  

Are there restrictions on team names?

Stonewall Darts does reserve the right to approve team names. While we encourage teams to be fun and inventive, all team names are shared in communications outside of the league, including with each team's charity. If the Board feels a team name is too inappropriate for those communications, we will reach out to that team and ask that they change it.   

Team Colors

How are team colors decided?

During the registration process, the Board will begin reaching out to team captains who will then consult with their teams. Each team will choose their 5 favorite colors from what is available, and one will be assigned to you.  

Do certain teams have preference?

In the past when our league was smaller, we were able to easily assign color preference based on the order in which teams reached team status during registration. However, as the league grew, this practice began to prove difficult, if not impossible. Accordingly, while we do our best to assign the colors teams want the most, we can no longer make assurances beyond simply assigning one of your teams 5 color choices.  

I'm on a returning team. Can we keep our old color?

Yes! With 40 teams and a limited amount of color options, we encourage returning teams who are satisfied with their previous color to keep it.  

What if I'm on a returning team and we are not happy with our old color?

During registration, you'll be asked: 1) if you are a returning team; and 2) if you want to keep your previous color. If the answer is "No" to number 2, your previous color will be released into the pool of available colors and your team will choose its new color in the same way a new team would.  


How do I win and what are the prizes?

The total amount of charity winnings awarded is at the league's discretion, dependent upon registration dues and sponsorship dollars. Teams can expect to be awarded winnings in the following ways:

  • The team in each division with the best win-loss-points record at the end of the regular season of play receives money for their individual charity.
  • The runners up of each division *may* be awarded monies for their individual charity.
  • The final four playoff teams receive money for their individual charities, with the first place team winning the most, the second place team winning the second highest, and so on.
  • If a seasonal event/fundraiser is held, the team(s) with the most dollars raised during the seasonal fundraiser (or according to rules set for the event/fundraiser for that season) wins money for their charity.
  • At the end of the regular season, we *may* award monies or various prizes for a team(s) or individual player(s) engagement with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat social media sites; involvement with their, or another team's, charity; or various recognition such as a "Miss Congeniality" team award for their engagement with other teams during the season.

Can my team select any charity to support?

Yes, but we encourage you to choose a charity with an LGBT focus, and one that is registered as 501(c)(3) organization. However, we please ask that you refrain from selecting politically focused, or controversial charities.

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